Thursday, November 5, 2009

In commemoration of John Calvin 500th anniversary

A video has been made in commemoration of the 500 anniversary of John Calvin for use in the CREDO500 conference. It is used with permission from Gospel Culture Centre, which owns the copyright for at least parts of the video. Thanks to Dr. Keng Ang LEE, Shao Wei WANG, Jun Hao YOONG, Amos CHAW, Canaan CHAW and Le Pey LEE for contributing to the making of this video.



Lao Zha Bor said...

This is simmee blog sia?

Christian blog right? Right sia?

Wah ai become Christian, how sia? Chao hokkien, english no no one like me, OK sia? Or may be only england good good than can Christian one?

Can pleaz advice me on how good news one ok? I heard about Ye Su Jesus one friend told me sia. He God right? They gong He si liaoz, but si liaoz also for world siaz.

I want know how Jesus Ye Su can save us, you know?

Gam sia (thank u)

Lao Zha Bor said...

Eh, jeh dao wu lang boh?

Wu lang eh sai gong Ye Su Jesus save me how sia?

PuritanReformed said...

Lao Zha Bor:

God is your creator and He has created you (and everyone else) to know Him and honor Him. Yet, all of us including you have turned our backs against God. To the one who made us, we insulted Him and do not worship Him. As the Creator, He owns us yet we rebel and do not want Him. As punishment for our rebellion, we deserve to burn in hell forever.

Our rebellion is what the Bible calls sin. Sin is wickedness and a violation of God's law. The reality is that all of us are wicked people by nature, and thus we deserve hell.

Christianity is the message of salvation from this horrible destiny. Jesus came to save sinners from the punishment that we deserve, by dying in our place.

You must see yourself as God sees you, as a wicked person who rightfully deserve damnation. You must see that in condemning you and all humans to hell, God is good because we are evil and thus we deserve that fate. Then we see that God has provided a solution for us to be saved. That solution is found in Jesus Christ. Only by believing in Jesus Christ as your Savior then can you be saved. Believe and trust in Christ to save you, and you will be saved.

Lao Zha Bor said...

Jeh dao england jing jui, aneh cheem cheem sia. Simi si "believing in Jesus Christ"? Woh jai wo lau liao, ai si liao, ai kua tua peh gong liao. Aneh "sin", ai ki "hell", wo mg chai leh.

Uncle, wo england bo simi hor. At 海南岛 wo wu kua je eh 观世音佛像, jing tua eh. Wo friend gong eh sai "save", siu siang eh, all 佛, god, all siu siang lah. Ler mai gong simi si liao ki "hell". Jei si england "concept" sia, mai hao lian lah.But hor, wo觉得你好厉害哦! England macam cheem cheem. Ler 看起来很好哦. :P

Macam young. Wo friend granddaughter england also cheem cheem, ler wu gurlfriend bo?

PuritanReformed said...

Lao Zha Bor:

My hokkien is not that good. I am sorry that you find it difficult to understand, although I tried to make it easier.

The main thing you need to know is that you are wicked, bad, because you don't like God and don't love God. In God's sight, "ler see pai lang". And because of this, God must punish you. You must believe that this is true, and trust Jesus Christ to save you (xin Ye Su) from your punishment.

Lao Zha Bor said...

Oh Uncle, ler gong 福音 and Ye Su, aiyoh ... wah si 壞女孩, mai 淘氣, skaly si liao kena 地獄, then 燒 chialak chialak one, tio boh? But hor, wah friend gong上帝 love me! Not want to burn me. Then hor, this耶穌為世界死的, then how can Big Daddy ai wah si liao kena燒 chialak chialak one, tio boh?

I don't understand.

為什麼 wah si 一個壞女孩? Why why tell me why.

Siu Fong Jeh said...

Aiyoh, loah lui chai, ngoh mg hiu gong fok kin wah, yan wai ngoh hai gong fu yan.

Gum lei ngoi sek Yeh Sou leh, zao zhui ho hooi gao tong tongh muk seee gong Yeh Sou.

Hou mmm hou?