Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opening of the CREDO500 blog conference

It is the 7th September 2009, and together with my co-organizer Jonah Tang, we hereby declare the CREDO500 blog conference open. Before the first paper is published, I would like to post some basic rules for this conference, in order to facilitate the discussions:

1) Commenting is to be done in the name of Christian truth and love. All comments thus are expected to reflect the calling of a Christian. Therefore, character assassinations and slander/libel are not permitted here.

2) All comments are welcome. However, please post with regards to the content of the paper and try not to digress into other topics. Spam comments when discovered will be deleted.

3) Do not feed the trolls. Please ignore those who come in for the sake of being disagreeable.

That will be all, and once again, we welcome all to participate in the blog conference, for the edification of the Church.

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