Saturday, October 31, 2009

David Cheng on the topic of Law and Grace

What is the relation of the concept of Law to the concept of Grace? Are they antithetical to each other, or they parts of a whole? In this paper of his, David Cheng has written an interesting paper which puts forward a way of understanding the relation between Law and Grace. An excerpt:

The word “Law” may mean different things; a scholarly dictionary would easily give us 9 to 23 different meanings. The focus of this paper would be on the conception of the word “law” as it is found in the Christian vocabulary among common believers. The main part of law consists of the Moral Law given to us through Moses on the stone tablets, the Decalogue. It is by no means however that only the Decalogue is considered as Law. ...


The review for David's paper would be uploaded later.

David's paper is now open for discussion.

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PuritanReformed said...

David Chen's paper is indeed interesting, and it correctly points out the three uses of the Law. The parallel with secular law is also fascinating indeed.

However, in light of the ongoing Neo-legalist and Federal Vision controversies in the US, which hopefully does not come over here, maybe the phraseology can be improved? For example, saying that "the law and the gospel is one under His grace" would not be able to differentiate between the biblical Gospel and the FV alternative.

Just my 2c.