Friday, October 23, 2009

Ten Fook Seong on Calvin's Institute and The Pracitice of Pietism

Calvin's Institue of Christian Religion continued to be read and studied since they first appeared, and they have spread in new translations in modern times. It's less commonly remembered that Calvin was also both a preacher and pastor; his commentaries, sermons, prayers and letters offer important insights into piety that transformed the communities which came to be called Calvinist.

The present paper written by Pastor Ten Fook Seong seeks to trace the spiritual legacy of Calvin's piety focusing his teaching in the Institute about the human relationship with God. The purpose was to lead and challenge all who heard him, or read his writings, to realize that their true happiness consists in devotion to God for God's glory; that their salvation is assured by Christ's grace; and their lives will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and should be given over to the service of God and their neighbour. Here are a short excerpt:


The review is written by brother Yong Pai Chan here in chinese, and translated by Daniel Chew here in english.

[The paper and review are now open to discussion.]

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CREDO500 said...

Good one. I haven’t done the One book thing except the Bible, but i'm sure reading Calvin’s Institute will continue to change my life both spiritually and intellectually.

I must admit, this book in addition to psalms(or Genevan-Calvin's psalter) is a tremendous devotional book that enriching my prayer life from time to time.

Calvin is a practical theologian, though his pastoral piety and dynamic living often unknown and thus under-appreciated. Thanks for this article that led us to relearn about Calvin.

Coram Deo!