Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jack Sin: The Spiritual Influence and Legacy of John Calvin to The Modern World

With this year being the 500th year of Calvin, Rev. Dr. Jack Sin has given a lecture at the Miri Reformed Church in commemoration of this event. What is the spiritual influence and legacy John Calvin gave to the world? In this succinct lecture, which was then transcribed and edited for this conference here, Dr. Jack Sin shows us Calvin's life, influence and his legacy, and calls us to likewise give our lives for God's glory.

There are a few men that made a lasting and notable impact in the world today in a religious or ecclesiastical sense. This year marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. John Calvin the renowned 16th century French reformer was one of the greatest thinkers and prime spiritual movers of the 16th century besides Luther, Zwingli, Tyndale and Knox, and his writings and teachings continue to be widely taught and propagated throughout the reformed community worldwide.


Soon Beng Lim reviewed Dr. Jack Sin's article as follows:

John Calvin is one of the great heroes of the Reformation, whose achievements can only be described as superhuman (i.e. energized by the Holy Spirit). It would be a difficult task to try to capture everything about him in one short article. Nevertheless, Dr Jack Sin has attempted to do so, and it is a commendable effort indeed, giving us a broad historical overview of the man and his contributions to the Reformation.


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CREDO500 said...

The contradictory assessments of Calvin's reputation and impact is still a hotly debated topic today, esp in term of the Servetus affair. Does Calvin really lack of toleration? I hesitate to say SO. But in any wise, it seems that proper interpretations of Calvin are important for the later generations to deal with his legacy.

PuritanReformed said...

Jonah, I think that David Cheng's review of Stephen Chan's paper did cover the Sevetus affair to some extent.

CREDO500 said...

Daniel, Dr.Chan preached a special topic, i think with careful handling on Calvin and Servetus:

Whatever, thanks for the stimulating thoughts Soon Beng's review has prompted.