Sunday, October 4, 2009

Translation of Tsun En's review done

The Chinese-English translation work has been ongoing for the various reviews and articles submitted for the CREDO500 conference. On the 14th Sept, David Chong posted his paper on the New Perspective, of which Pastor Tsun-En Lu reviewed. At that time however, the review was only in Chinese and so limited to those more fluent in that language.

It is my pleasure to say that the translation work for Pastor Lu's review has been completed and can be accessed here. An excerpt:

With the growing number of translations of the works of the British Anglican Bishop of Durham and leading New Testament scholar Nicholas Thomas “Tom” Wright (N.T. Wright) into Chinese (for example, the recently published translation of What Saint Paul Really Said), the Anglo-American theological theory of the New Perspective on Paul has in recent times slowly but surely attracted the attention of the Chinese churches.

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