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2009 CREDO500 Blog Conference Closing

The 2009 CREDO500 blog conference (Sept 7th-Oct 30th) in commemorating John Calvin 500th annivesary has now completed. My gratitude to Daniel for co-organizing this fruitful and enjoyable theo-blogging event. The contributions, reviews and comments were intellectually provoked and spiritually attuned to the Triune God, in pursuit of the Reformed heritages and godliness. With these two months discussions of the twenty-two topics, ranging from“The Legacy of Reformed Theology” to “The Reformation and John Calvin”. Here is an index of all the posts in the blog conference:

Introduction (by Jonah Tang)

Biography of Contributors (In Chinese)

Opening of Blog Conference (by Daniel Chew)

Part I: The Legacy of Reformed Tradition (Updated)

I. Scripture and Tradition

1. Sept 7 th: Mejlina on Scripture and Tradition (Review by Jonah Tang)

2. Sept 9th: J.J Lim on Place and Necessity of Creeds and Confessions in The Modern Church
(Review by David Chang)

II. Scripture and Theology

3. Sept 11st: Daniel Wong on Analysis and Critique of Signs and Wonders (Review by Daniel Chew)

4. Sept 14th: David Chong on Evaluating "New Perspective" on Paul's Exposition of The Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone (Review by Tsun En Lu)

III. Scipture and Counseling

5. Sept 16th: Gideon Teo on The Tradition of Counseling and Physiology (Review by Andrew Teo, and Response by Gideon Teo)

6. Sept 18th: Andrew Teo on Reclaiming The Biblical Care of Souls in The Body of Christ (Review by Gideon Teo)

IV. Scripture and Apologetics

7. Sept 21st: Benjamin Ho on Francis Schaeffer and Reformation (Review by Mejlina Tjoa)

8. Sept 23rd: Daniel Chew on Evaluating The Purpose Driven Paradigm: Recapturing The Vision of The Centrality of the Gospel (Review by Peter Wong)

V. Scripture and Culture

9. Sept 25th: Linus Chua on Reformation and Education (Review by David Chen)

10. Sept 28th: Tsun En Lu on Christian Justice and Pluralistic Society (Review by David Chong)

Part II: The Reformation and Calvin (Updated)

I. Calvin and Historical Legacy

11. Oct 3rd: Stephen Chan on Calvin's Tales of Two_Cities (Review by David Cheng)

12. Oct 5th: Jack Sin on The Spiritual Influence and Legacy of John Calvin to The Modern World
(Review by Soon Beng Lim)

13. Oct 7th: Daniel Chew New Evangelical Calvinism: An Analysis of The Calvinist Resurgence (Review by Edward Sim, and Response by Daniel Chew)

II. Calvin and God's Sovereignty

14. Oct 9th: Ang Lai Hoe on Addressing The Biblical Validity of A Claim Against Unconditional Election (Review by Lemuel Hii)

15. Oct 12nd: David Chen on Francis Turretin and Calvin's Doctrine of Election (Review by Alex Tseng)

16. Oct 14th: Alex Tseng on Karl Barth Doctrine of Election (Review by Joel Tay)

III. Calvin and Worship Theology

17. Oct 16th: Wang Zhi Yong on Calvin and The Psalms: Singing The Songs of Jehovah (Review by Cathy Tan)

18. Oct 18th: Cathy Tan on The Quest for Calvin's Essence of Worship: Passion and Love of God-A Journey Away from Ritualistic Worship (Review by Gao Ai Jun)

19. Oct 20th: Timothy Peng on Reformed View of Music (Review by Yoong Jun Hao)

IV. Calvin and Practical Thelogy

20. Oct 23rd: Ten Fook Seong on Calvin's Institute and The Practice of Pietism (Review by Yong Pai Chan)

21. Oct 26th: Jason Loh on Calvin's View of The Cultural Mandate (Review by Benjamin Ho)

22. Oct 29th: David Cheng on Calvin's Law and Grace (Review by Jason Loh)

Reformation Day Dedication-Soli Deo Gloria (by Jonah Tang)

John Calvin 500th Annivesary Video (by Gospel Culture Centre)

Conclusion of Blog Conference (by Daniel Chew)

The blog conference has more or less be done in communion with The Holy Spirity, though we may not have agreed in all issues, i believe we have all been benefited by thinking through these topics altogether. Our goal is that we are a humble learner, and gracious writer, who listen other views. Discussing in a way that Grace shines through the Truth we were contending. After all, we are all into "Faith seeking understanding" with "understanding ending in Doxology" as the outcome of the exercise. Finally, thanks for all whom participate in this conference, we looking forward to more in the future.

In appreciation,
Jonah Tang

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